About Me

Hi, this is Umair Tahir a Researcher and the Author of International Journal of Knowledge Engineering. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to conduct research in the areas of Technology, Digital Marketing and Internet & eCommerce for the past couple of years. The knowledge I acquired over these years became the real driving force that ultimately pushed me to start a blog & share my ideas. Consequently, “UmairTahir.com” became live and that’s all about Think Technology!   

I don’t believe someone becomes expert by specializing in any particular field. However, anyone who spends some quality time in any field is considered as an expert of that specific field or area. The last one decade that I spent working as a Digital Marketer, I explored every nitty-gritty of the areas “Search Engine Optimization”, “Content Marketing”, “Web & Apps Usability (for both mobile and desktop versions)”. And I conclude that these three areas are somehow interconnected to each other and have some overlapping characteristics.  

As for my educational history (you might not be interested in, though! :)), I am an MS in Software Engineering and I successfully completed it in 2014 with one research publication and a Thesis. The research I conducted is in the area of Internet and Web. I hypothetically proved that for a website “UX affects SEO rankings” and also “UX affects conversions” Positively. The title of this research is “Empirically Investigating a relation between SEO and Usability.