Understand the Difference Between Domain Rank (DR) & Domain Authority (DA)

Being an SEO Expert, if you’re running a blog or any website and want to know how to improve its SEO performance over the search engine result pages?

Are you searching for relatively popular websites to link your website to for better performance?

Are you always confused about the metrics that indicate the popularity of your website?

There are specific backlinks-research tools available in the web market, like Moz and Ahref. If you want to get a backlink from any website, first you will check particular quality criteria to inspect the quality of your “to-be” backlink. So that after getting this backlink, it will affect your site positively in Google SERPs. You will try to get the answers to such queries like: 

● How much value does this website is providing to its audience? 

● Do you want to know the quality of backlinks does this website have? 

● How many referring domains does this link have? 

● What is the quality of each of these referring domains?

● What is ad to the content ratio? 

● How much organic visits does this website have? 

● What is the spam score of this website?

● What is the engagement score, like site bounce rate, average pages/session, average time-spend etc.… 

Now in order to check all this manually, it will consume a lot of time and effort, whereas, precision will also be a concern.

To find answers to these queries, Lets first look at how does Moz measures the site quality. Moz uses the DA and PA to measure the domain and page quality. The PA stands for Page Authority, is a score developed by Moz that predicts how well a specific page will rank on search engine result pages (SERP) whereas the Domain Authority (DA) measures the strength of entire domains or subdomains. Both scores range from one to 100, with higher scores corresponding to a more exceptional ability to rank. The metrics are, however, calculated using the same methodology – so in many ways, they’re more alike than they are different. We won’t talk about PA since when you plan to get a backlink from, you see the overall domain quality, not a specific page quality. 

On the other side, there is another well known popular backlink research tool known as Ahref. It uses Domain Rating (DR) and Page Rating (PR) to measure the domain and page quality. The difference is the same as the difference between DA and PA (Metrics given by MOZ)

Both these metrics are third party creation to check and improve your website’s performance over Google’s SERPs. Let us dive directly into it and comprehend the basics that will help you grow your site effectively.

What is Domain Rating ?

Domain Rating created by Ahrefs simply measures your site improvement through the backlink factor.
These metric compares “link popularity” of your website with other sites. Measured in logarithmic scale of 0-100, Domain Rating is one of the important metrics for measuring site that people follow consistently.
Remember, not all backlinks are good for your website because quality matters over quantity. Improve your Domain Rating, the more qualitative back linking, the higher the DR and more upgraded is your site.

How to Increase Ahrefs Domain Rating ?

Following are the steps you can consider to increase your Ahrefs Domain Rating:
● Check out for “unreliable” backlinks and remove them to increase your rating.
● Find the broken backlinks and fix them.
● Write on distinctive yet easily-beatable topics to increase your website rating.
● Reclaim backlinks when someone forgets to link your site through branded alerts.
● You can also improve your website rating through making a less ads to content ratio.
● Better site user experience will help you gain better rating.
● As mentioned above, quality matters over quantity. So make sure that your site is connected with good backlink profiles.
● The content of your site matters as well, so make sure to create as informative content as you can.
● Build content and increase your links through skyscraper technique.

Now, let’s understand the second metric.

What is Moz Domain Authority ?

A form of measurement created by Moz, Domain Authority or DA also specifies the value of the site. Considering many more factors than just backlink, Domain Authority is considered to be more accurate by some industry experts.

Same as DR, Domain Authority is measured in logarithmic scale, more the number, better the position of the website. 100 is an ideal number for any website, un-ranked sites are ranked with a zero.

How to Increase Moz Domain Authority ?

Following are the steps that you can consider to increase your Moz Domain Authority:
● Work on off-page SEO for creating a strong profile which will help you gain higher DA.
● While working on off-page SEO, don’t forget to build your online SEO.
● Keep in mind that your site is mobile-friendly as most users access the website from their cell phones now.
● DA ranking is also based on speed. Hence, make sure to improve the speed of your page.

The more important question is, what is the difference between Ahrefs DR and Moz DA?

Let us study the difference between the two metrics (Moz DA and Ahref DR)

Moz Domain Authority shows the possible Google rank of the site based on the link profile, whereas Domain Rating by Ahrefs calculates the strong point of the website.
You can gain a higher ranking through DR and lower by DA.

The main factor in measuring Ahrefs DR is a backlink. So, when there are more backlinks, you can automatically advance your DR ranking while Moz calculates the ranking considering many different factors such as the number and quality of incoming and outgoing links, Domain age, link diversity, value distribution, traffic metrics, software and hardware metrics.

Which is Better? Domain Rating or Domain Authority?

Their contribution to the SEO industry is remarkable and comparing both the metric instruments is like comparing chalk and cheese.

Where Moz has the best SEO researchers, we cannot forget that Ahrefs has the most excellent tools and functionality. Though the ratings calculated by both DR and DA aren’t sustainable and differ in their scores, they have proved to be reliable to assess the quality of the website.


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