Search Engine Optimization

SEO is one of the different channels of Online Marketing. Others are include SMO (Social Media Optimization), Affiliate marketing, PPC (Paid Marketing) etc. However, all internet marketing ways are considered as a way to market product or services over the web. The concept of SEO came in mid-1990, after a number of web owners started using their websites for their business to make money. They recognized the importance of website visibility in search engine result.  Thus, Search engine optimization are the set of techniques  that optimizes the website constitution, webpage code and webpage content by learning how a search engine grabs internet webpage and makes an index, as well as how to determine ranking in search result for a specific keyword and thus making the website friendlier with full text search engine. [56]

Moreover, Search Engine Optimization is a process that can help the spider program of a full-text search engine to the find the relevant webpage and raise the natural ranking of the website in the search result. In this research study, the websites I and II are optimized for the Google because researchers argued that more than 80% of online traffic comes from Google [21] [56].

Keywords Optimization

Keyword is a term, which is used by a user to find information through a search engine and use by a search engine to index the website into its database engine. However, only the right keywords selection for a website can meet the goals of user specific web search [57].

Keyword Research and Analysis

Getting into the mind of a user is the first step to keyword research and analysis. However, different business case studies, goals, company jargons, brand names, company policies, target market or audience, demographics and most importantly the competitors must be studied before analyzing the keywords [58].

Keywords Selection

Selecting proper keywords is one of the most skillful steps in SEO. The most important factor in selecting the keyword is viewing the keywords competition and search volume. The best case is using those keywords with the less competition and high search volume [56]. However, those keywords which are difficult to find by extensive competitor research and are consult variety of keywords tool online. Secondly, most important consideration is the association of keywords with the website content. Thirdly, is avoiding the usage of too broad keywords for example a Cloth Company is using keyword “clothing”.

After the studying of the Google algorithm since last three years (2010-2012) in literature, it has been observed that Google ranking algorithm 2012 is paying much attention to the usage of long tail keywords rather than broad keywords [56] [59] [60] . There are many tools available online to support keywords suggestion and selection. However, Google Adwords Keyword is the most authentic tool [61].

Keywords Density

Keywords density is the ratio of number of keywords divided by total words on a web page multiplied by 100%. It is recommended that keyword density of a relevant web page must be between 2-8% [56]. However, keywords density can be maintained with the help of keywords distribution.

Keywords Distribution

To improve the results of search engine optimization, it is recommended that the insert of a keyword into an appropriate location of a web page and method is known as Keywords Distribution. Some important location is the title of the web page, headings of H1 to H6, in the content, images alt tag, and anchor text of an anchor tag. However, over-optimization must be kept in mind while distributing keywords [56].

On-Page or Website Optimization

Other than Meta tag optimization like title tag, description tag and body content need to be optimized from SEO point of view. In addition, Search engines only reads text and ignores image, Flash, and JavaScript, so in the entire website design, Html code and the text is the major part. All the mentioned activities lie in an on-page optimization [62].

Content Optimization

Search engines love unique and high-quality original content. During the literature study of Google algorithm from 2011 to 2012, Google launches several versions of panda updates, which shows Google is extensively paying attention to the unique and high quality content. There is a complete content development strategy implemented in this research study for creating back links for the SEO phases performed from Nov 2012 to March 2013. There are many algorithms updates which focus much on content rather than link building on the web [63].

Structure Optimization

Clear navigation, usable information architecture, website content, website functionality, ability for a user to perform task effectively and recovering is a complete set of list used in structure optimization. Establishing a website map can help setting up to crawl index for a crawling robot, notifying webpage changes to search engines, the degree of importance of each webpage, and customizing update frequency, etc., which will improve the efficiency and accuracy of the content of indexed website [56].

Off-Page Optimization

Off page optimization works as a vote for any web site/application that is intended to achieve top ranks on search engines. If there are ten websites which are trying to achieve top ranks for a keyword “best web design firm in UAE”. Then who would get the first position is ultimately based on the number of quality backs links on web. Here getting a quality back link comes in the off-page optimization efforts in SEO.

Incoming links or Back links

To rank high against any keyword, it is essential for a website to have quality back links (also known as incoming links). During the experiment phase of this research, back links from the same niche (health domains) were created in different SEO Phases for both experimental websites A and B. [56]

Outgoing links

Outgoing links means link to other websites. Search engines are not only recognized for incoming links but also outgoing links to the quality websites, which is also good for search engine ranking [56].

Internal Links

Internal Links is the linking of web pages through other pages. Effective internal linking not only supports effective navigation for a visitor but also it is good for search engines to index web pages [56].

Website Directory Submission

Website submission to different web directories could increase the back links and thus ranking in SERP’s before 2010 Google algorithm but presently web directory submission is considered less credible in the eye of Google [64]. In this research website-A has performed with 1000+ web directory submission in the year of 2011.