Agreement – SEO Consultancy Services

The consultant’s SEO Services will include:

• Researching keywords and phrases to select appropriate, relevant search terms (up to XX phrases).

• Analysis and recommendations on optimal website structure, navigation, code, etc. for best SEO purposes.

• Recommend, as required, additional web pages or content for the purpose of “catching” keyword/phrase searches.

• Create traffic and ranking reports for clientsite.tld and any associated pages showing rankings in the major search engines.

• Outreach, negotiate with different guest bloggers to acquire quality backlinks. The client will have to use Paypal to pay to the bloggers.

• Provide directions to the content writers or in-house resources.

• The activities like link commenting, forum posting, directory submission are considered as low-quality links. If the client wants to acquire such links, he can do it by himself. The consultant may provide direction to in-house resources in such activities.

What’s not included:

• Writing content either for on-site or off-site. Though the consultant can identify problematic areas/errors in the content for improvements. If the need for quality in write-ups arises, the consultant may render his services to refer to the company some expert freelance writers who could bring quality into the work. For that, we may use Fiverr or other freelance services.

• Professional SEO training is not included, but the consultant will be giving his thoughts on the client’s website that needs improvement. This way, resources would be trained in SEO, anyway.

• Paid tools subscription cost is not included in the consultancy charges. The cost of which will be upon the client to bear.

• Paid backlinks are not covered in the consultancy cost. However, we can set some recurring “X” amount each month to utilize in buying backlinks for the client website. Ideally, this amount needs to be spent fully for the improvement of ranking positions. If the amount couldn’t be spentor utilized, we can shift the remaining budget of that month to the next month.

• Web design, Development, or Graphic design related tasks are not covered. However, the consultant can provide his feedback.

• Social media marketing including increasing likes, group sharing etc. is not included.

• Any sort of paid PPC or Impression based Marketing is not included

• The consultant might not disclose his strategy but he will definitely share his ideas for the improvement of the client business.

Work Reporting

The consultant does not work directly on the activities, but he will provide direction to the in-house resources. The following shall be the work process by the consultant:

Plan SEO strategy using an incremental model. For example, the whole process of working by the consultant would be:

  1. The consultant will pick up one content topic/area
  2. Research and analyze low-hanging fruit (keywords)
  3. Competitor’s research (both the backlinks and keywords)
  4. Start outreach process to different blogs and negotiate link prices
  5. Send the quotation and Paypal ID to the client for the payment
  6. Analyze the impact of on-site changes and backlinks
  7. Measure the SEO success

The above process will be recursive. If the consultant deems necessary other link building acitvities could also be added into the above process time to time. These activities will be perfomed by in-house resoruces.

Working Hours

• The consultant shall work “X” hours/week and “Y” hours a month decided by both parties on mutual agreement.

If there are delays on behalf of the client or work is not assigned though the consultant was available, in that case the consultant will not shift his working hours to any other day and the work on his behalf will be considered fulfilled and shall be duly paid.

• If the client would expect additional work during any week, the consultant may charge extra for the over-time. This over-time can be calculated from the current rate or some other rate could be decided (mutually) to compensate the efforts.

• The consultant works full-time with other organization. He might not be able to respond during the week days. For any urgent querie(s), the client can ask on call after 10:00 PM (each day). However, it will be encouraged if we do the business during the defined hours.

Measure SEO Success

• SEO is a slow process. The consultant shall try to bring results as soon as possible. However, the client has to understand the nature of the work. It could take 8-12 months to see a significant change due to SEO efforts.

• The client might not notice any impact during the initial months. So he has to be patient while observing any positive change.

• Since SEO is the process of increasing the “quality” and “quantity” of traffic. The consultant will work the same way to pick up the low-hanging fruit first and then going up the ladder for the high-hanging fruit. This way, the client will definitely be observing a positive change in rankings.

• The trust factor is very much important in SEO success. Both client and consultant have to develop good trust and must not go into micro-managing activities.

Respect and Professionalism

Both the client and the consultant shall resolve any conflict mutually and professionally. The respect element should be there throughout the complete work-tenure. The consultant shall always try to maintain goodwill and would also expect the client to maintain a friendly and cooperative environment.

Termination Of Services:

• By any means, if the client is not happy or satisfied with the services, he/she shall terminate the services professionally by giving a notice period of 15 days.

• If the consultant could not continue the services due to any reason, he is liable to give 15 days of notice and handover all work related material to the client for legal possession.

Being a consultant, I assure you that I will be making a positive contribution to your business. 🙂