Top 10 Reasons to Learn an SEO Skill in 2022

Image: The Involvement of SEO in 2021

It is challenging to answer the question, “what skill to learn in 2021 to earn well?” It becomes more challenging to answer for an expert because there are so many other channels like pay per click marketing (PPC), email marketing, affiliate marketing, social media marketing (SMM), etc. The tech and marketing experts will always tell you to learn “search engine optimization” first. Do you know there are 3.5 billion searches performed a day on Google? This means that people are searching for your business online. That’s why we cannot forget SEO as an important marketing channel. Start learning SEO from today.

Why to Learn SEO? (Background)

Let’s dig down the background of SEO and see how important it is for any new website and what it requires to do the SEO.

SEO is Hard Work

Before you start this journey to learn SEO, you should know that it is not that of an easy deal. Google releases thousands of algorithms updates every year so they could bring top quality results to the searchers. If you intend to design sites for search engines, not the users, the chances are higher that your website might be affected by their algorithm update. It is because Google’s algorithms are quite sharp in judging how searchers interact with the results that appear in SERPs. So this is the reason, why it is important to build your website with users in mind first, and then search rankings.

One of the famous tech writers “Jerri L Ledford” mentions in her book “SEO Bible“;  

The SEO industry, like any other technology arena, is full of people who have different views on what works and what doesn’t. There are always a few things that everyone agrees on, though.

Written By: Jerri L Ledford

Why is SEO Important?

While I was reading a book, “SEO Bible” by Jerri L. Ledford, he described the importance of SEO by giving an awe-inspiring example. He says that suppose there is an island, and there are many useful herbs that could cure many diseases, but nobody knows about that island, nobody has seen it before on earth. The island is like a website that nobody knows about, and those useful herbs are the product/services or information on a website that could help people/users over the web. It is also known that “the safest place to hide a dead body is the second page of Google” because nobody bothers to scroll down Google’s second page.

Below, you will find a few interview questions with people across the SEO industry that will help you understand about the importance of SEO and Content Marketing:

Interview with Eric Bloomfield 

“Is there anything about SEO you think might be important to share”?
“It’s tough. For SEO, it’s about staying current, because it’s such a changing field. There’s always a need to keep on top of search engine trends. It’s about ahead of that curve and making sure that whatever changes the search engines make, you are able to make changes very quickly, too. It’s having the ability to make changes in a continuously changing environment.

Eric Bloomfield

Interview with Brian Combs

When Jerri L. Ledford asked a question to Combs: “What should SEO Experts be focusing on for future improvements?
Combs Replied:
– Better content
– create compelling link bait
– Continue link building
– Invest more in selecting the right keyword that is through “Keyword selection testing campaigns using PPC”.
Then she asked another question to Comb;
“Is there anything I haven’t touched on that might be important for small to mid-sized organizations to know about SEO?
Make sure that you as an SEO Expert should focus on the real results. Rankings alone don’t pay the bills. In most cases, neither does web traffic. Track and analyze the results of your SEO efforts, making sure that you are increasing leads and/or sales.

Brian Combs

Here are the top 10 reasons why someone (primarily) from the marketing or tech background should learn SEO as a skill in 2020?

Reason #10 – Organic Search is the Primary source of Traffic

Image: People using search box for query, Search Engine Giving Result.

Organic-traffic is one of the most crucial sources of traffic that helps in getting users to complete conversions. Another study found that more than 80% of the purchases are initiated with a search engine’s help. In 2020, Google has the biggest market share: 92.54%, among other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, and others. These studies show how important it is for site owners to rank their sites on Google. As a marketer, you should get hands-on in learning this skill to earn well in 2020.

Reason #09 – Due to demand in Ecommerce Business

Ever since the coronavirus has affected this world, many things have been evolved like people now prefer to buy things online. Even before the coronavirus during  2019 – 2020, the trend of online shopping had been in demand. This is an era of eCommerce. People love to shop from big sites like Amazon, eBay, and many other sites. Since these websites exist, the demand of SEO Experts will always be there, so  that’s the reason why you should learn doing SEO.

Reason #08 – Demand in Affiliate Marketing

Image: Affiliate marketing concept. refer a friend strategy. people character shout megaphone sharing referral business partnership and earn money.

These days, marketers seem very enthusiastic about investing time and money in making a blog so they could earn online. Affiliate Amazon is one of the most well paid earning schemes available online. Marketers try to build niche sites. They pick up the right niche and product and start blogging. Then all the requirements are to perform the SEO on their niche site to make it an authoritative site. Either you, as a marketing student or professional, would like to earn from Amazon affiliate marketing, you should learn SEO to drive traffic onto your blog site. Otherwise, you will have to hire an SEO Expert to rank your blog. Learn SEO in 2020 to do affiliate marketing and earn well 

Reason #07 – Content is the King and Links are Queen

Image: Content is King and Links are Queen

When you open the website, you can see content everywhere. From exploring Facebook to Youtube, Instagram to Twitter, the content is all that you can see. People from all around the world share content on different mediums. The trend has been changing from creating and sharing text to the creation of videos. People would like to share content on Youtube to gain subscribers. Now, there are huge subsets of information at different mediums so,  content is just a click away. Moreover, when we talk about search engines and its ranking mechanism to rank sites, there is a famous quote: “Content is the King and Links are Queen”.

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From querying into Google to getting the results in SERP’s and from reading a page to getting the knowledge, all is based on how good the content is. From the searchers’ end, they will always be looking for good content to get the latest information. From the marketing end, content is a great tool to grab the user’s attention. Now it’s the matter of how well you will be able to rank any content at the top of other websites. People would like to hire SEO experts’ to rank their pages on top in a search engine. That’s another significant reason for you to learn SEO.

Reason #06 – SEO is Forever and a long term strategy Unlike PPC

Image: SEO Versus PPC (Image Credit:

There are several internet marketing channels like pay per click marketing, social media marketing, banner advertisement, affiliate marketing, email marketing, and last but not the least search engine optimization. There has always been a comparison of SEO with PPC. You will hear marketers about giving preference to PPC over SEO. They say SEO is a slow process and you would start getting clicks and leads right after pushing the “live” button for paid campaigns. Well, I being an SEO Expert, would say SEO is more effective because less than 30% of people click on the paid search results. The game is on for SEO because around 70% of the people click on organic results. This is the reason why you would learn SEO instead of PPC.

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Reason #05 – Your Website remains Online 24/7, 365 Days

Image: Website Remains Online 27/7 365

You would see everyone talking about launching their website so they can earn handsome amount out of this effort. Whether it’s a blog or a drop-shipping eCommerce website, the expected results are more or less the same. Well, the reason is, people know that they don’t have to pay rent if they have to showcase different products on their website and start delivering. They know that their website will be online 24/7 and 365 days. As a site owner,  the maximum they can do is to establish a website in great design but they don’t know how to rank it higher on the first page. Like I always say, the safest place to hide a dead body is on the second page of Google. Website owners want the first three positions to target their website for. This is a great opportunity for us (the SEO Experts) to learn the skill and help different owners to lock the first three positions of Google. 

Reason #04 – Good SEO means a better user experience

Image: Website Usability Affects SEO Ranking and Conversions Positively

There is another field that is connected to the SEO which is a site-usability. If you haven’t ever heard the name of “Jackob Nielson”, then you must Google him right now and learn about his experience. He is considered as the king of usability. Especially the 10 usability heuristics are one of my favorite tools to perform the usability evaluation. You will get a chance to learn the usability to apply it onto your money website because both the SEO and site usability are interconnected to each other and have some overlapping features. Google says that consider users first and then search engine while optimization for the SEO. Learn SEO online to work in the area of site usability. That’s sounds super interesting to me.

Reason #03 – It helps owners to stay ahead of their competitors

Image: Stay Ahead of Your Competitors

If you plan to earn online, at any stage you will have to apply SEO to your site. Whether it would be blogging, affiliate marketing, or an eCommerce website, you will require to perform the SEO to rank it on the first page of Google. Similarly, if you have any product to sell,  then you will do it in your local area.  One day, when you will find your competitor ranking on the first page of Google and selling products, you will also have to sell it online by ranking it on the top so that the best results can be retrieved. Learn SEO and stay ahead of your competitors.

Reason #02 – In 2020, the global time spent by the users has increased by 82% than before

Image: Girl with mobile phone spending Christmas time in bed

The second most important reason is that website owners know that people’s average time spend has increased by 82% in 2020 than the previous year. We don’t want to go into the reason why because we all know, people on the web are addicted to using Facebook, Instagram. If they are stopped at the signal and waiting for the green light, they won’t look around or at the billboard rather they open up Facebook and start scrolling down the Newsfeed While scrolling down, they will see the ad which would be advertised by that businessman who is selling his products online. So, business owners know that in the present era, a  user spends most of his time over the internet. In order to facilitate businessmen for enhancing the marketing of their products and for the creation of better advertisement campaigns, it is important to learn SEO.

Reason #01– SEO is the 3rd most demanded skill in 2020

Image: SEO – The Most Demanded Skill in 2021

COVID-19 has changed the overall scenario for businesses by diverting people’s attention towards online mediums in order to get the facility for the fulfilment of basic needs. Having said that means the trend of online shopping that was gaining popularity comparatively slower got the pace right after the lockdown was declared. In such a high competition, when every businessman is into establishing or shifting the business to online platforms, the process to make it to the top of the list was much needed. With this consideration, SEO has been ranking as the third most demanded skill because, in order to take a lead on a search engine, it is mandatory to go with the optimization of your website. For that, you need to learn SEO as only then you can grow your business online. The better the SEO of your website will be, the greater are the chances you can profit out of your business via online platforms.

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